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Pre-Spray Tanning Care

1. Exfoliate your entire body with mild, oil free exfoliator. Do this a minimum of one day prior to your scheduled spray tan. The more your exfoliate the better! Do not use oil-based exfoliates, as they tend to leave residue that blocks the tanning process.

2. If necessary schedule any waxing appointments at least one day before your tan.

3. Bring flip-fops or sandals. Absolutely no socks or boots immediately after tanning!

4.  Have hair ties, lip balm and a black swimsuit or underwear (if you choose) ready to go.

5. Remove any makeup, moisturizer, deodorant and perfume.

6. Have hair pulled up and away from the face and neck area with a hair tie.

7. Wear dark, loose fitting clothing if possible. If you wear light clothes you may experience “rub off” on the inside of your clothes. This is caused by the bronzer, which serves as a guide for the technician applying the tan. The “rub off” will wash out of most materials.

During the Spray Tanning Session

1. The technician will give a consultation on your ideal results and will choose the appropriate solution for your skin type.

2. Please inform your technician of any skin issues or trouble spots you may have had with other sunless tanning products.

3. At client’s request, the technician will apply a protective moisturizer for manicures, pedicures, and dry skin areas.

4. The tanning session should only last 10 minutes and the solution dries as it is being applied.

5. A technician will apply your tan using Faux Glow CLE’s sunless tanning system by hand.

6. The application is flawless. No messy hands and feet, no streaking, and no clean up.

Post-Spray Tanning Care

1. After your tan, wait 12-24 hours before you shower for the best results (unless using a rapid solution).

2. If you notice any flaws on your skin prior to your first shower, they are likely rubs from clothing. Remember to wash only the palms of your hands until after your first post-tan shower.

3. Do not attempt to blend flaws or fix spots that may occur from water splashes from hand washing. These flaws usually only affect the bronzer and your tan will almost always be even after your first shower. During your first shower, the color run off is also just the bronzer used as a color guide so that the technician can see that she is applying your tan evenly. This color is not your tan.

4. Wait until after your first post-tan shower to exercise. Your new tan needs to fully develop before excessive sweating.

5. Use soap only where necessary. Scrubbing, exfoliating, shaving, and waxing will cause the tan to fade more quickly.

6. Swimming and soaking in pools, hot tubs, and saltwater dry out your skin and shorten the life of your tan.

7. The more you moisturize the longer your tan will last. During the week after your tanning session, try to avoid using exfoliating products. These products shorten the life of your tan. Only use them before a tanning session or to help remove the remnants of an old tan.

* Like any beauty routine, preparation, care, and upkeep is required to keep your Faux Glow CLE Spray Tan looking its best for days to come. Using Norvell's pH Balancing Cleanser and Prolong™ Color Extender will also help extend and enhance your spray tan.

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